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FL Charms is probably one of the most charming paintball teams you'll ever meet. Keep up to date on where and when you can meet them - on and off the field!

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Update Posted on 09 Mar, 2010 20:15:13

Latest news is a short report on the previous boobcamp. Be sure to tune in regularly for news about products from Planet Eclipse!

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Update Posted on 03 Sep, 2009 19:12:43

Well, we haven’t been updating the blog for a while, so I’ll try to give you a quick summary of the last moths.


Paris was nice, really good weather, good food (apart from the foie gras, haha) and we also got the chance to go sightseeing in Paris city centre.

The Paris team: Erika, Louise, Sofia, Kate and Mette

The playing went ok, but we didnt really like the Cup-format. Paying so much money to get ass-whooped by CPL-teams aren’t that fun. But hey, we beat 1. division team Sus Scrofa Toulouse 4 – 0 smiley And at least we took a point agaist SPL team Copenhagen Ducks who beat us 4 – 1. smiley

JT Challenge

In the beginning of August we played the second tournament in the JT-Challenge series. We took 2. place last time, and were really keen on winning this.

But, after a tight match against local team B.C.D. we lost the final once again. Too bad, but 2. place isn’t bad either. Next time, we’ll make it smiley

The JT team: Emma (coach), Louise, Kate, Sofia, Cissi and Mette

And by the way, JT might not be the biggest tournament around, but it certainly has one of the best players parties! Check it out next time youre in the hood smiley

Norwegian Championship (NM)

Two weeks later we played the Norwegian Championship, elite division. We borrowed Freddie from Ducklings, so the NM team was Kate, Mette, Elin, Sofia and Freddie.

We started out good, beating my old team Stormtroopers 3 -0 (check out the video ) We also got EPK Armageddon 2 – 1, and lost to Solid (can’t remember the score)

Anyway, we made it to the finals, were we lost 3-1 to Malera (who won the whole tournament). We got a 5th place out og 16 teams, and were really satisfied smiley It was a FUN tournament with good weather, nice people and players party with barbecue and free beer smiley

Swedish hype

Mette, Sofia and Elin played the hype together with Ivy-girls Benedicte, Silje and Marit. It was fun, but the margins wasn’t on our side this Sunday. We won one match against SID, but lost to Sugar Daddys and Lowlife, so we didn’t make it to the finals. Sucks. I guess we’ll have better luck in Örebro smiley

Thats all for now! Next event is JT Challenge 12th og September, we are going to kick ass, win the shit and party all night long smiley

After that we’ll travel to London, were we are going to kick ass, win the shit and party all night smiley (Oh, did I just repeat myself?) smiley

Practise in Oslo

Update Posted on 24 Mar, 2009 09:53:08

Mette and I went to practise with Poison Ivy in Drammen Sunday evening, and they are coming to Oslo Paintball to practise tonight. The cooperation works out very nicely, we all get to do drills twice a week 🙂

Welcome to FLCs blog!

Update Posted on 23 Mar, 2009 17:37:49

We’ve given up on updating our web page – so check out our blog for news, updates, practises, tournaments and more!

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