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FL Charms is probably one of the most charming paintball teams you'll ever meet. Keep up to date on where and when you can meet them - on and off the field!

We won our two first games!

Tour Posted on 01 Oct, 2010 20:51:38

A little update from rainy Paris 🙂

We won our first game against Monstars 4-3, a really tight match, but we nailed it eventually.

Then we smashed Aix Taz 4 – 0, felt even better smiley

Tomorrow we are playing Manchester Firm at 11.00.

Stay tuned for more updates!



Looking forward to Paris

Tour Posted on 27 Sep, 2010 15:15:56

Hey everyone!
I’m sitting here at work, and can’t focuse at all!
Looking sooo much forward to Paris! smiley

The team going to Paris is me, Kate, Sofia, Freddie and Cissi. Louise is going too, giving us mental support and helping us in the pit. And if Freddie’s draw-assumptions is right, we’re meeting Monstars, Ballistic and Firm 2 in the prelims. Not a bad draw for us!
Would be SO cool to end this season on the podium… We were so close in London, this time we want to go all the way smiley

Anyway, see you down there, and if you are going down on Wednesday, join the party on Wednesday evening smiley There’s no party like a charms party! smiley

And for those of you not going, stay tuned, we’ll update the blog with pictures and results during the tournament!



FLC takes fourth place in Basildon!

Tour Posted on 05 Jul, 2010 15:46:17

We took fourth place in the third leg of the Millennium Series! Next time we will make it all the way to the podium!!!!

Hugs & kisses FL Charms

The Finals

Tour Posted on 03 Jul, 2010 18:18:35

The girls is ones again up against DV8, but this time in the final 16. Goooooo girls!!!

We made it once again, a win against DV8 and we’re through to quarter final! Wish us the best of luck for tomorrow!

Results from first day in Basildon

Tour Posted on 03 Jul, 2010 09:23:46

The charming ladys won their first game in the prelims 4-0 against Action! The second game they unfortunately lost 4-0 to DV8.

Come on and kick some british ass in the next game! smiley

Through to finals in Bitburg :)

Tour Posted on 22 May, 2010 14:32:20

The girls unfortunately lost their last game to Brussels Grafitti, but they ended up second in their group, so they’ll play amongst the last 16 this afternoon 🙂

FLC keeps up the good work!

Tour Posted on 22 May, 2010 09:19:15

Just got a text from the coach: The girls won their first game of today, 3-1 against Undertakers Liege! Their next game is just in an hour. Will they be playing late this afternoon too, in the finals? I very much think so! Fingers crossed!

Success on first day in Bitburg

Tour Posted on 21 May, 2010 20:00:26

Got a very nice message from the girls in Bitburg: This afternoon they beat our friends from DOW Warberg with 3-2. Erika, our beautiful, blond Lithuanian, were only two meters away from the buzzer and the result 4-2 when the time was up.

A very nice start for the girls! 🙂 The girls on the team are: Mette and Sofia on the snake side – of course! Freddie rules from the back center, while Erika and Cissi rocks the dorrito side. And our new player Sandy fills in whereever she’s needed! (more news on her later!)

Our coach Stian from Oslo Menace had to ditch us today, but for a very good reason: The team were playing at the same time and beat Copenhagen Ducks 5-1!

Keep ut the good work, boys and girls! I’m missing you a lot from a suprisingly sunny and warm Oslo (25 degress outside, and it’s 8 o-clock in the evening!!!).

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