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FL Charms

Meet the ladies of FLC

FL Charms is probably one of the most charming paintball teams you'll ever meet. Keep up to date on where and when you can meet them - on and off the field!

In the land of the midnight sun

News Posted on 18 Jul, 2010 02:39:15

I just had a “mini-boobcamp” in the far north of Norway (only 4 hours away from the North Pole – with an air plane, that is… 😉 ), and the local newspaper stopped by to make a report:

Check out the sports pages in Folkebladet – the local newspaper

Very nice pictures:)

Join us on Facebook

News Posted on 13 Jul, 2010 13:50:54

Join our group on Facebook to get updates, pics and info from us directly!

FL Charms’ Facebook group

Close-up of our new FLC custom GEO2

News Posted on 10 Jul, 2010 11:57:39

The sweetest gun on the planet! Thanks to Planet Eclipse for bringing this wonder into the world 🙂

New look

News Posted on 09 Jul, 2010 12:37:00

We have a new look for 2010! Check out our new GEO2’s and our new jerseys – aren’t they just awesome?

Photo by Photomonkey

FLC takes 3rd place (D1) in Scandinavian Masters

News Posted on 23 Jun, 2010 11:41:16

Last weekend, one of our sponsors – Mash paintball – hosted the second leg of the Scandinavian Paintball Masters in Falköping. FL Charms got into the finals as number one in their pool. After a tight 2-1 loss to Devils from Mash in the semis, the ladies proved that their spot is on the podium when they beat Grenna Pirates 3-2.

FL Charms would like to thank their sponsors for making it possible:
Planet Eclipe, Sly Equipment, Semcon, Wizeguy, Mash paintball, Oslo paintball, Bullitproofmonkey, Tanked, 2die4.

We’d also like to add a thank you to for changing the game time from rolling time to pure SPL rules 😀

Boobcamp in Uppsala this summer!

News Posted on 19 May, 2010 08:42:01

See you in Uppsala 30 July – 1 August (only 20 minutes from Stockholm airport!) – sign up at or join our Facebook group FL Charms for more info!

PS: This time, boys are welcome too!

FL Charms Boot Camp 20-21 February

News Posted on 07 Feb, 2010 21:25:36

FL Charms invites all girls to our reball practise at Mash Arena in Falköping Sweden, 20-21 February 2010.
Special guest is Sebban Samuelsson from the Swedish Pro team Stockholm Joy Division. We start at 15.00 on Saturday and 8.00 on Sunday. At 12.00 on Sunday we’re going to play a mini tournament against other teams.

For registration or if you have questions regarding walk-on fee, accommodation or just want to know more don’t hesitate send an e-mail to boobcamp <at>

Hope to see you at practise! smiley

Happy birthday Freddie!

News Posted on 06 Feb, 2010 11:02:28

Happy birthday Freddie! Finally you’re an adult! smiley

Have an awesome day, missbehave and party like you’re still 21 smiley

Big hugs form Mette & Kate smiley

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